Spice K2


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May 9, 2011:
More States Ban K2, Feds Ban JWH-018!


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Hysteria about Spice K2?

Or: Sinister Drug With Bad Potential

Spice K2 is either a danger in disguise, an herbal alternative to banned substances, a really bad idea, or the next thing that needs to be outlawed. Over the past couple of months, publicity about Spice, or K2, has led more and more people to try it. Strangely enough, people who feared teenagers usings it (and some do) may be surprised to find out that a lot of the consumers who are willing to spend $30 on a pack of incense are over the age of 40. Maybe it really is true that you should not trust anyone over 30, or maybe Spice K2 is priced out of the recreational drug market, and teenagers know where to get better prices on the stuff that K2 and Spice are trying to substitute. Alledgedly, K2 is a form of synthetic THC, but more powerful, but not giving the same kind of experience. Hallucinations and anxiety aren't fun for many people when they happen at the same time, and an elevated heart rate is not the type of thing you want to have if you've got any underlying medical conditions that you might not even know about.

Notes and Special Information

Hint: If the manufacturer tells you not to smoke it, don't. Aside from the JWH-018 which is the chemical part of the drug, there are also herbs that may cause problems for you. With an FDA ban on the active ingredient, buying, selling, or giving away this stuff can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if someone uses it and starts freaking out.